This is a tiny post. You could fit the important bit into a tweet, or 81 characters to be precise.

I’ve used Sublime Text as my editor for years now, and have grown sadly attached to a color scheme I found through the Colorsublime package called feel good by seanwooj:

Feels good

Like everyone else I wanted to experiment with GitHub’s Atom editor, and practically the first thing I felt compelled to do was get my old syntax highlighting back.

If, like mine, your chosen theme isn’t available through the Atom package control yet, but you’ve got the .tmTheme file then you can do the following:

$ apm init --theme ~/.atom/packages/my-new-theme --convert /Path/to/myTheme.thTheme

Then just restart Atom and select it from the list of installed themes in the settings pane.

This isn’t a trick as such (it’s in the docs), but the tiny snippet above is all you need and it took me a while to find.